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Soave filmed and Interviewed for the Mickey Garcia Mic Mac Records Documentary

DOCUMENTARY NEWS… Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming THE FREESTYLE LEGEND and MICMAC RECORDING ARTIST SOAVE. As you can see in the few shots in this post, He looks great as always and he did an amazing job answering the questions prepared for his interview. Thank you Soave Martinez. You are and always been a true legend of the label. Thank you for the great music you recorded for MIcmac Records, Inc. and thank you for your interview for this Documentary.

Soave On Set

Soave On Set

Also, On Sunday, I had the pleasure of filming Anthony Agelire Jr who is known to all the freestyle artist, record labels and promoters as a serious music collector, fan and friend to many of us. Anthony also did an amazing job with his interview. Thank you Anthony.
The documentary will tell my life story from birth to present…from the start of my love affair with music, to how I became a DJ in the 70s, switching gears to becoming a music producer/song writer in the 80s, to becoming the producer of C-Bank on Next Plateau Records, discovering Judy Torres and getting her signed to Profile Records whose hit songs opened many doors for me. The story continues with the birth of MIcmac Records, Inc. and all the hit songs that Micmac was lucky enough to have on the catalog (Micmac Releases) and how I reinvented myself as a DJ promoting and performing in concerts all over America.
My story and the story of Micmac Records need to be told. The music that was created in the 80s and 90s made a huge impact in many parts of the world; however, Freestyle was never able to gain recognition in major awards shows such as the American Music Awards and the Grammys. We have to tell our story ourselves for the world to know and acknowledge that Freestyle music has left its mark in music history and is loved by millions of people worldwide.
I have already filmed many people that played important roles in the rise of the Freestyle genre. I was able to film several people in New York, Miami and El Paso. I still have a long way to go and this process will take me a few years to complete. There are a few more cities to visit and many more people to interview. This summer I will take advantage of the warm weather to do many location shoots.
I would like to thank the following individuals for their participation in the filming of this very important documentary. I was able to interview friends of mine who played important roles in breaking the music from the club level to mainstream radio and onto concert performances in front of thousands of loyal fans. Below are those people:
Soave – Micmac Records Recording Artist
Brenda Rodriguez-Velez of C-Bank – Recording artist
Willie Valentin – Recording Artist and Owner of Artistik Records
Pompeo Messano – Location Studio and Remixer Producer
Anthony Agelire Jr. – Freestyle Music Collector
Ciro Llerena – Legendary DJ in South Florida since the 70s
Charlie Rodriguez – Concert Promoter that produced Cop Aid, the largest freestyle concert ever in the history of Miami
Darrin McGillis – Worked very closely with Edgardo Diaz that managed the worldwide super pop Latin group MENUDO which lead to signing the mega band to Micmac.
Tito Puente Jr. – My good friend for many years and the son of the Latin King Tito Puente.
Charlie Rock Jimenez – Artist/Songwriter, Music Producer, Concert promoter of Freestyle, Hip Hop and R&B artists
Makeup Artist – Amanda Baez-Gonzalez Gonzalez
Assistant Producer – Lumy Garcia
Juan Juan Rojas “Wondrous” Rojas – Legendary DJ from Power 102
DjRaynaughtyboy Vargas – Legendary DJ from Power 102
DJ David Madrid – El Paso’s Rising Star DJ keeping freestyle alive today
Diana Ramirez – Special Projects Manager who brought everyone together for this film.
Director of Photography: Martin Ramirez
Assistant Director: Diana Ramirez
We were able to film some great people in El Paso who made an impact with freestyle music. I worked nonstop and was completely booked from the minute I arrived in the Great State of Texas! It is possible that I may return to El Paso very soon for additional interviews and meetings.
As you can see, we are just getting started. There is still a lot of filming to take place; therefore, I will keep you all posted as we keep filming away. This film is not expected to be completed for a few years. As with ALL my productions, musical and otherwise, I do not plan on rushing it just to have something out quickly. This documentary will be produced in the most professional way as I will only work with the best in film. It will be worth the wait. I can promise you that much!
I would like to thank everyone who has been involved thus far and I look forward to the interviews that will be taking place in the near future. The plan is to include interviews from former Micmac employees that were responsible in making our products hits. This will give all the fans an insight on how we created history and we will tell about all the trials and tribulations that Micmac went through to get songs played on the radio. We are also looking forward to filming the talented Micmac artists that lent their voices to those hit songs and the promoters for Micmac Records.
My estimated date of completion is 2016.

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